Aimee Saturne heats up the atmosphere with "Slow Burn"

Dark Pop Princess Aimee Saturne, Los Angeles based recording artist and actress, has wowed us time after time with her stunning line of releases since making her debut into the dark pop scene with “Don’t Tell My Boyfriend.” It’s been a rapid fire of unique and sultry singles, and her latest release “Slow Burn”— released July 24th, 2021, is no exception. In fact, the title is quite befitting of the singers signature sound and the singer herself as she turns every track she touches into sonic gold.

The production begins with a low roll, setting us up for a cosmic dance track as Saturne gets right to work. Her trademark vampy register seeps over the instrumental like honey as she vocalizes a melody line that entices the ear and awakens the mind. The image she paints is provocative, and the conviction with which she speaks is admirable, making us wish we could ever be so bold. The effortless way she sings is reminiscent of being entrusted with a secret only meant for the listener.

The innuendos and word play that lace “Slow Burn” are sexy, clever and fun as Saturne shows us exactly what the concept holds with her staple lyrical imagery that rings clear as day. Lines like “Put me out, my heads on fire, can you feel it?” and "Exhale and take it in, don't speak just tell me when- you wanna do it again" are just suggestive enough, posing double ended means. There’s no way we can keep from dancing along to the fierce beat that moves the track along as we spin off into a blazing chorus.

While all of the tracks Saturne’s produced for the masses so far have a groove, “Slow Burn” proves to be her danciest track yet, holding an 1980’s flame that could rival even the likes of Dua Lipa, The Weeknd and Miley Cyrus on their latest 80’s inspired sound. The galaxy far-far away nouveau discotheque impression is a dreamscape that captures our hearts and ears; the hotter than hot visuals pairing perfectly, and while she remains upbeat and fierce, the singer manages to capture an ethereal essence in her vocal execution throughout the song.

Upon reaching out to Saturne to gather what the inspiration for the track was, she responded:

“Slow Burn is a term used in creative writing, usually in reference to a romance trope. This song is an ode to that in a real life setting, not just lyrically but sonically in how the track progresses as well. It was a joy to imagine and write."

If Mars, the planet of fire and sex had an anthem, it would be “Slow Burn” from Saturne.

You can listen to “Slow Burn” on Spotify now!

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