Aimee Saturne talks falling off the "Edge of the World"

On New Years Day 2022, space pop princess Aimee Saturne graced the airwaves from her home planet with a new track titled "Edge of the World," showing us that her artistry is ever-evolving and only impressing us further and further with each release. We were lucky enough to chat with the star about her self-proclaimed favorite track to date.

Welcome back to Enceladus Music, Aimee! We love “Edge of the World” and the cosmic shift you’ve made. How did the song come to be?

The song started with my producer actually! He’d had an amazing instrumental base and the chorus. He showed it to me to see if I dug it and I immediately fell in love. We both really loved the idea and me being as 'space enamored' as I am, I wanted to further the celestial vibe to really bring the song together with who I am as an artist. I also told him to murder my vox with reverb and had the idea to make the bridge very much like feeling as though you’re drifting through vastness of space and time. He absolutely over delivered on my vision as always!

We’ve noticed the force is strong with you! Is there a deeper meaning behind the space aesthetic?

Space fascinates and terrifies me, and I think if something (or someone) can do that to a person simultaneously, it’s worth tapping into and exploring. I’ve always enjoyed astronomy (and astrology) and all things outer space. “Saturne” runs a lot deeper for me than I’m sure most assume, and I love the wistful feeling that the notion of space brings about within me. It’s nostalgic in a way, for something I’ve not experienced— yet. In this day and age especially, things that once seemed like only science fiction are becoming reality, and I just really love being able to play a part in this new era musically. It’s brought out who I truly am.

You’re always so great at pairing the visual with the sonic and “Edge of the World” is no exception. How is that?

I have an amazing photographer and friend who I can give even the vaguest of ideas, and she automatically takes that and runs with it. For this release, I had the image in my head and she brought it to life beyond what I imagined. We shot in a studio in LA, and I had the idea to make it space meets cyberpunk. She of course was on the same page and we came together to create the magic that happened here. It’s my favorite release so far in every aspect, but this one’s visuals take the cake.

We’ve watched as your image as an artist has really come into itself effortlessly and with a passion. What does “Edge of the World” mean to you? Do you think this song is an accurate representation of you as an artist?

I believe it’s the most accurate representation of myself and as an artist to date. Being an artist, particularly a singer, musician, whatever— is so much fun in the fact that you get to be whoever you want to be. You can portray yourself exactly as you are or who you would like to be with no limitations and present it to the world via bad ass tunes and imagery. What I’m doing right now feels the most me and I’m so grateful I get to play within this realm. I worked on “Edge of the World” at such a time in my life where the idea and aesthetic I was truly after was finally coming together and I was really beginning to come into myself as an artist, despite the past releases (which I also love so much) being a bit different. This songs got heart over heart and meaning beyond meaning, and if you know me you might figure it out— if not, there’s always fun in the mystery. “Edge of the World” is the ushering in of a new era for me, and one that I’ve been dying to unleash. It’s my favorite song and it means absolutely everything to me. I hope to look back on it years from now and see it as the fond memory that started it all.

We hear you’ve got a podcast!

Oh, that old thing? Yes! The Saturnelia Podcast. A couple of months back I decided I wanted to connect with the people who support my vision and kind of let myself be a little more open to the world. I felt too much like just a digital musician, only living in photos on social media. Now, I don’t exactly mind the digital notion, don’t get me wrong… But I get so excited about certain things that I just want to share with like and open minds and that’s what my podcast is. It’s really just a random mess of any and everything, but my listeners get me. The outpouring of love I've received for both my podcast and my music means many moons and worlds to me. I also tend to release music news there before anywhere else, so tune in if you’re interested!

We love that you have your hand - and voice - in all kinds of mediums. What’s next from Planet Saturne?

E.P. incoming.

That’s all I’m gonna say. ♡

You can listen to “Edge of the World” on all steaming platforms now!

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