"BATTLE CRY" is a far cry from anything less than innovative

KingZiLLa, producer, songwriter and dub-funk enforcer returns with a banger of a track that we’re not used to hearing from his discography. “BATTLE CRY” is a lyricless beauty, with a beat that makes you want to writhe to the music and synths that embody all that dub-funk is. The intrusmental song is one we love to put on over and over again, getting lost in the depth that is the musical pool KingZiLLa has submerged us in- and happily so.

The tempo is slower, but still enough to get you moving as we hear the industrial sound that we do know from other tracks of KingZiLLa’s musical artillery. “BATTLE CRY” invokes sensations of its title, making us feel as though we’re headed into a cyberpunk war with nothing but our intelligence and a weapon on our backs. The song through and through showcases KingZiLLa's talent and range when it comes to the music he so wonderfully creates, giving a pure example of the effort he puts into making his music sound as effortless as it does.

Music is meant to do a multitude of things, from self-expression to therapy session, to creating an ambiance and a feeling. In this way, KingZiLLa let’s the music do the talking for him, the drums and the little glimpses into reality of guitar and other instruments that we love to hear in a beautiful mix of sonic pleasure. The disembodied voice that repeats itself along the line of the track is a fun touch, giving the listener something else to pay attention to as they enjoy the flavor that is this track.

The song is near robotic in a unique and ear-catching way, making for the perfect tune to set any kind of situation to. “BATTLE CRY” certainly feels like a battle cry, a range of scenarios and an ode to the music world KingZiLLa has created as he runs head on into the war that is life and time.

As always, we love what we hear, and can't wait for what's next!

You can listen to "BATTLE CRY" on SoundCloud now.

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