CreNaetive's hot new release "Growth" tells us all we need to know about her and her journey

Hailing from South Jersey, singer, rapper and songwriter CreNaetive has been in the music scene for a while, having released an EP in 2019. This time, she’s released “Growth,” a personal track that directly speaks to her own independence and lifestyle.

The vocalization on the slick hip-hop production begins right away, immediately capturing the listener. “Growth” has a deeper vibe— one that makes you absorb the impressively rapped lyrics being sent through the airwaves straight to the mind and the heart. One might even find themselves nodding in agreement with the things CreNaetive suggests as she gives us the low down on her own experiences and growth.

“Now I ain’t acting different but growth does make a difference. Always been independent, ain’t changing for a system” is a running lyric throughout the track, really solidifying the statements she makes in each verse as the easy-flowing beat fills your ears.

CreNaetive speaks truth on the corruption of fame, suggesting that it wasn’t what she thought, or what she thought she needed, something that many artists in all positions and from all walks of life can relate to no matter where they are on their journey.

She also speaks on her success, validating that nothing can stop her and she will succeed despite anything that’s gone on in her past. The notion of growth is the main theme, and CreNaetive has definitely grown and learned over time— She hasn’t changed, but she has grown, and that makes all the difference.

The track itself is intriguing and hit home for us, the production reminding us of a great tune on a hot summer day that the listener would deem a hit right from the start.

CreNaetive’s authenticity, talent and realness shine through the entirety of “Growth” and we can’t wait to hear what she brings to the table next!

You can listen to "Growth" on Spotify now!

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