Dark Pop Princess Aimee Saturne sweeps us away with new single “Silver Screen Lover”

From iconic Hollywood, California, dark pop princess Aimee Saturne has released her new single “Silver Screen Lover” on a day as fitting for lovers as Valentine's Day is, and has blown us all away.

The stellar production begins with an ominous bell, almost warning the listener that something’s coming down the pike as the production picks up. The dark and eerie mood is then met with a sensuality that intertwines with Saturne’s sultry vocals, piquing our interest as she captivates the mind.

"Silver Screen Lover" sounds as cinematic as the title suggests. Elements are added sonically and the feeling gets more intense, the bumping bass taking us to another planet and allowing us an escape from the average, propelling us along with the track as haunting vocals serenade us like the dark pop siren sings her body does to her lover.

It’s almost as though “Silver Screen Lover” can reach out and touch us as Aimee airily sings the chorus, bringing us to be believers in the church of Saturne. Lyrically we hear of the intense lust and desire for a lover. Lines like “make me howl at the moon in the violet night,” and “flashes of your face hits the back of my eyes, straight out of a movie, playing out scenes in my mind” offers a wanton need for her silver screen lover's touch and affection. There are no holds barred for Aimee when it comes to what she wants to say.

When the bridge sneaks up on us, a beautifully tragic orchestra swells through the atmosphere and we’re all ears as Aimee recites a poem in Great Gatsby-esque fashion. Nearly sweeping us up into the golden age of movies, an image of the starlet on the silver screen with her lover comes to mind, the image on the cover and accompanying images all very fitting.

"Silver Screen Lover" is unlike anything we‘ve heard before, and we’re more than happy to have Aimee Saturne on our watchlist.

You can listen to "Silver Screen Lover" on Spotify now!

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