Dirty White Shoes releases new heartbreak anthem "Sucks It Hurts This Bad"

Hailing from Portland, Oregon and inspired by the classic coolness that is sunny California, Dirty White Shoes grabs the listeners attention with new single “Sucks It Hurts This Bad” right from the jump.

The pop band immediately comes in hot with the opening vocals, and we’re quickly swept away on the dreamy, nostalgic summer-smash wave that is “Sucks It Hurts This Bad.”

The lyricism is visual, complementing the feeling and emotion of the single perfectly as the listener is let in on the vulnerability of the heartbreak that Dirty White Shoes is experiencing. From beginning to end, we hear the inner conflict of wanting to hang on and wanting to let go, the duality of smooth and turbulent moments in a relationship. Because of this, the listener can relate to the song on a deeper level than just your typical heartbreak track.

We hear of a lover losing their luster, and while the realization certainly stings, the notion of sticking around and dealing with the rocky road that comes with that just might hurt even worse. Serenading us with lines like, “No I don’t wanna hurt so bad, no I don’t wanna live like that,” and "I'm so over this, over all our bad habits" anyone can feel empowered through such a heart wrenching situation that happens to us all at one point or another.

Though the main theme is melancholy in nature, the production of “Sucks It Hurts This Bad” from lyrics to music inspires a feeling of embracing the inevitable and letting go for our own personal revival. Altogether, it brings us the sensation of freedom, cruising down a pacific coast highway and singing along with Dirty White Shoes at the top of our lungs and from the depths of our hearts.

While it does ‘suck to hurt this bad,’ the main message is clear: Heartache may not be the best feeling in the world, but growth can often be painful. In the end, we learn from it, and while we may want to hold on to what we had, sometimes it’s just not what’s right or best for us.

We’re over the moon about Dirty White Shoes’ new single, and they’ve more than earned their spot on our radar for what comes next!

You can listen to "Sucks It Hurts This Bad" on Spotify and more now!

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