Drift away to the "JUPITER BLUE" with KingZiLLa, Blake and Lady Sadie

With a name that sounds just as spacey and fun as the track itself is, KingZiLLa and Blake are back with Lady Sadie of KingZiLLa’s other project, MANIC SOUND EXPULSION for a new track, “JUPITER BLUE.” Paying tribute to the greats of the music industry, we know they’d love the track just as much as we do.

"JUPITER BLUE" begins with a beautiful orchestral intro laced with a radio being tweaked, a sweetener that we’ve heard from him before, gearing us up for the track in an exciting way. It starts under the guise of a pop song- a fun, glitchy beat that still contains elements of electronic and dub-funk that we all love to hear from KingZiLLa so much. We immediately hear Lady Sadie, her disembodied vocals invoking a gorgeous sensation of etherealism and haunt as we’re attracted to hearing her throughout the track.

Blake and KingZiLLa paint a celestial picture with the lyricism, making it easy to see exactly what they're vocalizing to us as they describe a scene where all the greats get together to rock the way they once had. The imagery is something we deeply appreciate as our heads get lost in the world they’re relaying to us, riding down the freeway to the expanse of this secret paradise as we open our minds and souls to the wisdom and growth they offer those of us who look to them for inspiration.

The track changes from lighthearted pop to something a little more dark and obscure, a breakdown where Blake and Lady Sadie riff off of each other, and we love to hear the juxtaposition between the two artists on one magnificent song as they compliment each other so well.

The mixture of musical creation and experimentation that KingZiLLa, Blake and Lady Sadie bring to the table is something we always appreciate and love listening to! We can’t wait to hear what comes next!

You can listen to JUPITER BLUE on Bandcamp now!

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