Eva Constance's "Selfish" is all we need right now

R&B artist Eva Constance’s “Selfish” opens with a flowing vocal, showing off her talent and capability all at once. Being a seasoned vocalist since the age of twelve, we’re not surprised to learn that “Selfish” is already a hit from the moment we press play.

Though Eva has released music in the past, she considers “Selfish” to be her debut single after taking a hiatus to garner more know-how and perfect her craft as a singer-songwriter. As the track dances through the listeners ear, we know from start to finish that her time taken away from the spotlight was time well spent.

“Selfish” is cute and catchy, already eliciting a strong sensation to dance along to Eva’s beautiful and polished voice as they intertwine with the beat, a melodic R&B production that reminds us of the likes of Ariana Grande.

As each note catches our attention, we love to listen to the lyricism and message of the song, burning a raw trail with each word sung. Being selfish when it comes to a partner and wanting to keep them all to yourself is a theme that’s been touched before, but never quite the way Eva tells the story. She hits deep right out of the gate, weaving the tale that this is no ordinary situation. Instead, we hear about Eva’s enticing the person in question. They may have other girls after them, but she assures them she’s it, the real deal- and the one they’ll want the most once they get a taste of her. It's a song you can send to anyone in the throes of love.

“Selfish” is a fantastic comeback track, revealing to us all that Eva has learned through embarking on her songwriting and vocal quest to refine herself. We already have the song on repeat and can't wait to see what she has for us next!

You can listen to “Selfish” on Spotify now!

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