Everything we want to know about KingZiLLa's "INTO THE VOID"

KingZiLLa released single "INTO THE VOID," and we were thrilled to find out all about the track and his perspective of it.

We heard "INTO THE VOID" is being used in an independent film. How did that come about?

I met director Kevin Swagger of Grand Concourse Films some years ago as both of us were working at a company together. I noticed something special about him when on our breaks he was always on his computer working on something so I asked him one day what it was he was doing and he told me he was a filmmaker that's when I told him I was a musician and music producer.

We bonded from there and he used a song which today is entitled Luna 5 in his movie 1 Time which will be streaming next May on many streaming apps "INTO THE VOID" is the 2nd song to be used in one of his movies coming to movie theaters next year.

Did you create this track with any specific concept in mind, or did it just come to you?

When making this song Blake and I did not realize or think about the application that it would apply to we just got in the room and created it.

What prompted the lyrics to "INTO THE VOID?"

Blake fed off of the music direction that I was going into with the song. He is a very storytelling lyrical artist and it was really cool how he put the lyrical content together.

Did you and Blake collaborate on the entire track? How much creative license does each artist have?

I am the music and he is the lyrics when it comes to what we do together it's split 50% down the middle, it's just the way we do business together. One cannot do what it does without the other that's what makes this works so well.

How do you garner inspiration to keep evolving your sound without getting stuck in a rut?

For me it's about my life just living that is inspiration for change, for example how I felt yesterday is not how maybe I will feel today or what inspired me a week ago is not what's getting me off today if you're able to feed off of that mindset or principle you will always be able to continue to grow.

Do you feel that this track represents you in any specific way? If so, which way?

Yes very much when you are a creator you definitely have a heavy period of going into the void. It can be a very lonely place because only you can hear the thoughts within your head to get that out into music for people to hear, it's a very different thing but I embrace it and keep working at it.

You can listen to "INTO THE VOID" on Bandcamp now!

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