Get to know the method behind "BATTLE CRY"

After listening to "BATTLE CRY" by KingZiLLa, we were dying to know more about his method behind his madness. The beautifully intriguing instrumental track is the center of KingZiLLa's and our focus for this chat!

"BATTLE CRY" is a beautifully effortless track. How long does it take you to make a song based solely as an instrumental?

It was something I sat on for awhile not knowing which way to go with it. As events developed around me in the world it became more clear the purpose of the song and making it a Instrumental.

We love the way the song feels. What was the inspiration behind releasing a lyricless track?

The instruments played in this song became such a loud voice that I felt lyrics were not necessary it became the motivation within itself I love the process that went behind it it was something different. We also with a lot of the new material wanted it to sound more soundtrack like for movies in Netflix productions.

Do you think it's easier or more complicated to make a song without having to worry about writing lyrics later?

No not really because the music with the instruments have to be vocal lyrics so it has to tell a story through tone and melodies. So I would it's equally as complex.

What is the sensation you'd like the listener to feel as they listen to "BATTLE CRY"?

A sense of urgency for change. We wake up in a world of uncertainty we must get into shape the mindset. This song I believe registers in my mind as the battle cry under these circumstances.

Will we hear more instrumental songs to vibe to from you soon?

Yes there is another one called OMEN that will be released soon.

Is there a meaning behind the music that you'd like the listener to know before experiencing "BATTLE CRY"?

Yes that it is a cry out for change

We can't wait to hear more. What's next for you?

Next month we release Cloak-and-Dagger The Master for Variant Comics book character Ninjak can't wait for u to hear it

You can listen to "BATTLE CRY" on SoundCloud now!

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