"INTO THE VOID" throws us into another reality

KingZiLLa and Blake are back with a brand new tune; one that ventures over any boundaries the duo might’ve set for themselves, making leaps and bounds into new territories of sonic enjoyment.

We’re introduced to “INTO THE VOID” by way of a booming bass that rattles our speakers and intrigues our ears, a new sound that KingZiLLa has perfected in his own way while still remaining true to the dub-funk nature his songs have to offer. The boosted bass is a nice touch, giving the song more depth and range that anyone can appreciate.

As always, the lyricism is spectacular, weaving a tale over the track like two bullet trains intertwining to create a sonic treat and an intriguing pathway that leads us on the journey that is “INTO THE VOID.” The word play that Blake is so known for at Enceladus Music never falls short, completely allowing for a deeper message to be had throughout the track as it moves along.

The chorus reminds us of a big bad sequence in any video game, bringing a haunting and clicky melody to the beat that invokes the exact feeling that the lyrics tend to lean toward. Pay attention enough, and you might find yourself wrapped up in the reality that takes place through the imagery that’s painted across the canvas of our minds.

Perhaps however, it is the piano melody at the end, with haunting underlying glitchy vocals that transports us to another realm entirely as KingZiLLa builds up the outro of “INTO THE VOID” in a way that feels more like a soundtrack than a simple song. Where we think the song is ending, it could also be seen as truly just beginning.

It’s known that KingZiLLa knows how to take the music he creates and shift it into something much larger than himself and even the song as just a simple song, keeping anyone who listens to “INTO THE VOID” thoughtful and engulfed in the story that’s laid bare, forcing your attention in only the greatest of ways.

We love “INTO THE VOID” and look forward to the magic that is KingZiLLa’s music making it’s way to our ears again and again.

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