Janockeil has us in all of our feelings with hot new EP "Feeling"

Currently hailing from New Jersey and confident that he’s just released his best work to date, Janockeil has just released his EP “Feeling,” taking us on a journey of the mind and spirit.

Each track on “Feeling” tells of another mind frame and experience that we feel we can relate to on the deepest level. The music is captivating as it entangles with his luscious melodies and tone, keeping us interested the entire time as we find ourselves kicking back with a sensual mood in the air, wanting to absorb the music with every pore in our body until it oozes from us like a layer of electric and raw emotion.

We begin with “Feeling,” the namesake of the EP itself. Upon listening through, we knew from the start that “Feeling” is the perfect way to start off the experience that is Janockeil’s music, the essence of all that is the EP. The dynamic between pop and R&B function in perfect harmony, allowing us to get a peek behind the curtain of what’s to come as a haunting vocal wraps around our minds to begin the song, immediately taking us into Janockeil’s soothing tones. The lyrics are hot and heavy, his velvety register only weaving the ever-relatable tale we all know so well in a passionate flow that keeps us bobbing our heads to the swaying of the entire production.

We’re then lead into “Is It Wrong,” a poppier sound that we’re pleasantly surprised with as he speeds things up and lightens the mood from bedroom sultriness to sexily smitten as Janockeil’s signature tone graces our airwaves and floats through our ears. The lyricism is carefully thought out, drawing us to hang on his every word as he paints a picture of true love that we all want in our lives. We want to feel exactly what Janockeil is feeling as the beat keeps us on our toes, bringing us to another realm altogether as we lose ourselves in the charisma that he exudes and splays onto the track. We’re reminded of the R&B classics we all know and love, but with a special signature twist that ties the story together.

Sliding into the next track, the beautiful ghostly vocals return with “Loud.” Our minds are immediately immersed in the honey that seems to drip onto the track at Janockeil’s command, bringing us into a deeper feeling as we listen. Each track on the EP so far has been provocatively evocative, and this song is no different. The way Janockeil paints a picture is surreal as he rises the temperature higher and turns the beat up to 11, sending us into a dance-trance as we listen to the lyrics and feel the beat within the depths of our souls. “Loud” is exactly what you’d think it’d be about and even more as we’re vicariously brought through his “feelings.”

Janockeil is truly enigmatic as we cross into a gorgeous, awe-striking guitar melody that truly plays to our own inner feelings with “Love Me Like You Love Me.” A silky, breathier register from Janockeil strikes the mood as we hear a plea that we know all too well. Slowing it down, we still find ourselves swaying along to the beat and turning the music up as ethereal harmonies drift through the chorus. The duality of R&B and pop illuminate the track behind Janockeil’s vocals, and we’re already singing along with every word. “Love Me Like You Love Me” hits us on another level, showcasing his talents not only vocally but in songwriting as well. The lyricism compels you to think further, even picture the scenario at hand as you listen. He’s got “feelings” and he’s allowing us to see what he feels as rawly as possible.

Closing with “Mood,” we’re blown away at how stellar “Feeling” has been as a whole. The production rivals that of any song in the mainstream right down to the lyrics, and the music keeps you intrigued beyond comprehension. “Mood” is no exception to the rule that is Janockeil’s EP. Sonically we’re reminded of New York City runways and all that is high class and champagne taste as Janockeil’s slick tones entice us through the final track, his vocal talents ending the dazzling masterpiece in a high note, quite literally. By the close, the phenomenally talented artist has officially left us fully satisfied and yet still craving more, quickly being added to our playlists for another round of listening.

In “Feelings” entirety, the lyrics are sensually beautiful, touching us from the heart and swimming through our veins in sensual spike. Janockeil expresses each track and each word in a sense that we feel only he could, the signature modern R&B-pop twist he brings to the table elevating his artistry. While each song ties in with the next, we're absolutely delighted that not one sounds exactly the same, keeping you interested from beginning to end. We were thoroughly swept up into the entire love story that we feel could be our very own, and we can’t wait to see what Janockeil graces our ears with next!

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