Janockeil's "Feeling" is the sensual sound we all need in our lives

Newark, New Jersey is currently home to one of Charleston, South Carolina’s greatest talents, Janockeil, who was sonically rooted in gospel and decided to expand his horizons into the RnB and Pop genres. He's recently released such a single, “Feeling" after releasing his EP "After" in 2019.

The tone is set from the moment one presses play, putting the listener into a trance with the floating vocals and soothing guitar that “Feeling” offers from the very beginning. Once Janockeil has your attention, the track gracefully shifts into a beat that turns the track more towards hot and heavy.

Simply calling it a love song would be an understatement as he begins conveying emotions through lyrics such as “I’ve been lonely without you beside me” and “come to me and I’ll be the best you’ve had.” Janockeil serenades us beautifully and placidly with his feelings for a lover whose presence could not be more missed, wanted and needed, instead of showing off something he already has.

The production makes the listeners hips sway and body writhe to the slow tempo of the sensual beat, making it mood music that anyone can get down to at any given point of the day— or night. Janockeil's strong, sultry voice encircles the ear and entrances the listener, pulling us in a direction that one might not expect from an RnB song, letting us hear the pop side of the track as well.

“Feeling” reminds us of all the RnB favorites we’ve grown to love but with a modern, authentic twist that audiences of all types can enjoy. The melody invades the mind in all the best ways, sticking with the listener all day. The lyricism is sexy, raw and honest, giving a greater look into intimacy and self-examination and exploration that we believe everyone should focus on. Janockeil's sound as a whole truly allows him to pave his own way and stand out from the rest.

Janockeil has us feeling all the feelings, and we can’t wait to see what he comes up with next! You can listen to "Feeling" on Spotify now!

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