Karen Harding releases "I Heard Somebody Talking" in a time we need it most

You may know Karen Harding, Melbourne, Australia based singer/songwriter, from her debut release "I Didn't Realise" that hit the airwaves with success. July 16th, 2021. Harding released her follow up single, "I Heard Somebody Talking" which was heavily inspired by a news story she'd seen about anti-mask protests.

Harding says on the matter of the single:

“The beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic was an emotive and scary time for everyone. I was sitting, watching the news about an anti-mask rally, when a man ran across the screen. I immediately sat down at my piano and wrote a song about what I would have liked to say to this man.. how he would feel if his decisions led to his family becoming unwell.”

And we can tell there is no lack of heart or passion when it comes to “I Heard Somebody Talking” by the angelic-voiced Karen. The delicate production begins with a beautiful piano line that completely captivates our ears and emotions right from the very start as it echoes through a smoothly driven track, the ballad a lovely sweetener to our ears. Mixed and mastered by producer, Joshua Hennessy of Pivotal Music Melbourne, the track represents the idea that the decisions we make lead to an outcome, whether that outcome is desired or not. It also represents that as unique humans, we each perceive situations differently and as a result, may not all

agree on the actions that each of us take.

Harding’s soft vocals compliment the beauty of the track wonderfully, the power in her voice heard loud and clear as she places every ounce of feeling into the words she sings, turning them not just into lyrics of what she'd say to the man she watched carelessly running across the screen, but a message to be heard across the masses.

The anti-mask topic she speaks of is one we’ve heard plenty of in the past year or so, but never put in such a way that draws at the heartstrings in a whole new manner. Helping the cause immensely through art, the message is relayed is one that we believe everyone needs to hear. Harding does this in a saccharine way, making the listener truly absorb what she has to say through an excellently controlled register.

The ballad is awe inspiring, worthy of bringing a slight tear to anyone’s eye as her vocals lilt through the melody with not only conviction but a talent we’re honored to report. The cover artwork alone is just as moving as the song is, painted on acrylic by Harding herself during the start of the pandemic---- showcasing her well-rounded artistic talent and showing us everything society has collectively dealt with within the past year or so.

We can’t wait to follow Karen’s musical journey further.

You can listen to “I Heard Somebody Talking” on Spotify now.

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