KingZiLLa and Blake are taking over with latest hit "BATTLE OF TITANS"

Nevada based musician and producer KingZiLLa is no stranger the Godzilla vs. Kong world, having released a track with his other project MANIC SOUND EXPULSION for the release of the new film. He’s back at it again with Blake, who throws down a slick rap verse over a funky groove and bringing in P.O.D.’s Traa Daniels for the mix for "BATTLE OF TITANS."

The song begins with the backstory of the two titans known as King Kong and Godzilla, explaining these creatures and why they’ve rampaged as though they’re two boxers in the ring. We immediately agree that it’s a fun way to give the listener an inside scoop if they’ve never seen the films, as well as a clever lead into the point of the song.

"BATTLE OF TITANS" itself is cinematic in nature, Blake’s rap containing various levels of meaning. Lyrically, the finger is pointed at mankind for turning these creatures into exactly what they became, omnipotent beings; all because they messed with the beast. As the saying goes, now they must deal with the horns.

The vibe of the track brings us old school vibes with a nouveau twist that we love, the beat rolling and consistent, keeping the track in steady forward movement with every turn that it seems to take. The mix of electronic and funk and a little bit of hip hop really keeps us intrigued, enticing us to dance along.

At the end, "BATTLE OF TITANS" cuts everything all at once with the last line “nothing can stop hell when it breaks loose.” We’re thoroughly impressed, and it’s the perfect tactic to leave us wanting more music as we go back and press play again!

You can listen to "BATTLE OF TITANS" on Spotify now!

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