KingZiLLa and Blake are victorious with "BATTLE OF TITANS"

KingZiLLa and Blake are back with a new track, released independently for the new film Godzilla vs. Kong. We were lucky enough to sit down and chat about the new song.

We can tell this song is deeper than just the Godzilla vs. Kong film theme. What was the particular meaning behind this song?

Yes there are always other meanings to things written. For me humanity creates monsters all the time through wars destroying are environment genetically modifying our food supply and then wonder why we are crazy, yea there is are meaning to the monsters.

What kept you inspired when moving through the creative process for "BATTLE OF TITANS?"

The way the process felt of creating this track was awesome! Blake killed it he is a great story teller these two characters come alive in the song. Godzilla vs Kong is a great movie so happy we were able to write this song.

Do you prefer to release music independently? What is your main goal for your releases?

Absolutely I prefer to be independent from record labels. In my career playing in other bands I have been signed to a label twice, both times were not a good experience. I find writing and producing my music and putting it out on my own has been such a great thing. I hope to build my own brand and fan base independently to success and I am enjoying the process!

We know Godzilla is a namesake for you. Why is that?

Godzilla is a character that I have always related to during the many variations of the films over 50 years he has been a hero a greatly misunderstood force of nature the fear in one's mind but yet standing as a winner. I can relate to that.

What can we expect from you next in the music scene?

Well Blake and I are still finishing up things on the album The Program, which you heard the singles HYPE! and So Far Away already with a new single coming LIGHT TO LOVE. Can't wait for you all to hear it we have alot of material being release this year.

You can listen to BATTLE OF TITANS on Spotify now!

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