KingZiLLa and Blake bring down the house with tribal groove "Two Tribes"

Based in Nevada, artists KingZiLLa and Blake know exactly how to get the listener feeling and listening deeper than just skimming the surface with their song Two Tribes, all the while making you want to move.

With an electric sound that almost drips into something industrial with sharp synths and hypnotic drums, the booming electronic tribal style is unlike anything we’ve heard grace our airwaves, piquing our interest from start to finish.

The lyrics- touching on what would have happened if colonization had lost its grip in Africa as the artists put it, bring a message to the table that can be pondered upon at any given time no matter the era. The entire melody of the writing wraps around the ears of the listener in a catchy flow. While many songs are about partying and other surface topics, Two Tribes touches on a deeper meaning while still capturing you into dancing and singing along.

The tone of the vocals, an effortlessly smooth rap that never misses a beat, fits the buzzing production of the track without question, bringing emotion to every line spoken with a conviction most of us dream of having.

KingZiLLa and Blake have certainly created something glorious in Two Tribes, and we can’t wait to see what else they’ve got in store!

You can listen to Two Tribes by heading over to Spotify now!

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