KingZiLLa and Blake return

We know you love laying down soundtracks for film and television. What prompted this Bates Motel inspired song?

That was Blake's ideal after listening to the track, I put the lyrics for the chorus in place he then took it to another place. Blake is a awesome storyteller in the music he is inspired by. Always taking the listener on a new DUB-FUNK adventure.

We love the sound you two are bringing, and while it’s the same it’s also quite different. What brought on the new vibe?

Writing the new record The Program has been different bringing new sounds and instruments to the project, I feel the listener will be able to feel the anger the love the calm before the storm. That being said there is also a humorous side to are thang and this is that song so come join in with the DUB-FUNK FREAK!

What message are you hoping your listeners take from “TURN THIS MUZZSUCKER”? The lyrics definitely hold a deeper meaning.

Yea it's a underlined tone going on, everyone is talking about revolution these days in some form or matter. Want change do something about it be the positive the world needs turn this muzzsucker out I'm sure Norman Bates can get wit that lol.

Do you and Blake write lyrics together? Or is it a private process for each of you?

It works this way with us I write the music and all that stuff then I pass it off to Blake. I may have a specific subject matter I want expressed in the song but 80% of the time he takes it to where it needs to be, it's worked out well I believe this way.

Is it a constant wave of creation when it comes to producing? Or do you plan out when you sit down to create a track?

It's both actually but you just don't know what you may get out of everything, that's the exciting part you know. Creating is such a beautiful thing I love being in my studio more than being on stage or anywhere else it's my comfort zone I'm thankful for it.

What’s coming next from you?

More music the record The Program will be out soon as well as a remastered version of Galactic Funk 30/30 with 3 new songs on it. And a new project with Traa Daniels of P.O.D. the Galactic Kannibals on the way alot of music for sure.

You can listen to "TURN THIS MUZZSUCKER OUT" now on Bandcamp and SoundCloud!

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