KingZiLLA and Blake strike back with newly released single HYPE!

KingZiLLa and Blake are back with an all new single titled “HYPE!” and we’re completely here for it!

Upon listening, the production oozes a rapid-fire beat, keeping the listener as 'hype' as the song suggests. It’s robotic nuances along with hauntingly stirring vocals that mix between rapping and screaming make us hang on every word being said, wanting to figure out what the message is to be spread to the masses.

The music is the fast-paced and cinematic in its own way, causing the listener to feel the urgency in the story being told. Right away the vocals express a technologic rage in sound and expression making the song slightly reminiscent of metal and screamo hits that so captivated us in the past with a dubstep meets industrial vibe.

“HYPE!” however, doesn’t burn your ears with screaming, the rage in the lyrics are simply extra ear candy to get the point across in a blunt, concise way. The main focus is the spitfire rap that takes you to another level of power and speaking to a brutal truth that could hold true in today’s climate.

The lyrics tout statements such as “this is the year of the helter skelter” and that “the gods” are “awakening,” truly bringing classic expressions to a modernized track. The listener can’t help but hear the song on a deeper level when piecing the lyrics together, being able to relate it to a multitude of things, personally and throughout the world.

KingZiLLa and Blake bring a new genre to the table as always, wowing anyone who might come across the music they create. Authenticity and creativity are what makes artists artists, and we're glad to have been introduced to them and the fun sound they capture so well.

“HYPE!” had us interested from start to finish, and you can check it out on Spotify now, too!

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