“TURN THIS MUZZSUCKER OUT” is billed as a brand new deadly funky track inspired by The Bates Motel. Upon hitting the play button, the music begins with an electronic beat, the experimental sound that KingZiLLa and Blake are known for already heightening our senses from the very first second. There’s no time to waste as the verse begins in a storytelling fashion, grabbing our attention and sucking us into just what the song has to tell us.

The production shifts throughout the track, and as it changes sonically there is still a harmonious ebb and flow that only KingZiLLa can make happen. The song quickens it’s pace into a low chant that could make anyone who hears it move along as the lyrics “talking revolution, ’TURN THIS MUZZSUCKER OUT’” are repeated in a gravely tone that simultaneously gives us the chills and ignites us.

There is no lack of word play in the slick rap that lines that song. Clever and witty, Blake allows us to open our eyes to his ability to weave a tale in a way that’s beyond what we’re used to. The self proclaimed dub-funk genre that the duo has perfected shows its velocity then, shifting into just that— A dub-funk groove that harnesses more of the dubstep sound for the breakdown on the project, making you feel every electric current the song sends through the airwaves.

Sharp and dangerous synths erupt over the track and the vocals coupled with it are an eerie combination that we love to hear, offering a new kind of sonic wave to tap into. “TURN THIS MUZZSUCKER OUT” captures the overtone of the message KingZiLLa often possesses and tucks into his work, as well as offering a new perspective into the idea behind the song. In this day and age, revolution seems to be imminent, on the minds of everyone and anyone, but KingZiLLa and Blake just want to bring some positivity into the world with a new track that wants you to dance instead.

We love the notion and we love the song! We can’t wait to hear what they come up with next!

You can listen to “TURN THIS MUZZSUCKER OUT” on SoundCloud & Bandcamp now.

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