KingZiLLa & Blake mesh with the comic book world in "CLOAK & DAGGER THE MASTER"

KingZiLLa is back with a banger that bears the some of the same name as another track from an albums past, but has a whole new aura and vibe. "CLOAK & DAGGER THE MASTER" holds an eerie sensation that we are thoroughly immersed in, the imagery pulling us from one mood to another as the bad-ass bass line keeps us moving. The song captures the sentiment they were trying to achieve and surpasses it with each second that passes our delighted ears.

The dub-funk masters KingZiLLa and Blake turn this track into something of a theme song, having been approached by a figure from Variant Comics requesting the duo write a song about their comic-book-character "Ninjak," who is to become a part of collectible sculpture sold in collector comic book stores. We think they couldn't have asked a better pair to create the sonic to pair with the character!

The lyricism of "CLOAK & DAGGER THE MASTER" is thoughtful, explaining the character without going overboard in a tactful manner. The various sounds that we run through mesh and sync up perfectly, the production of the song matching its interesting subject matter as we can see everything being told to us. We know KingZiLLa and telling a tale go hand in hand, and this song is no different from his technique in imagery.

The captivating marriage of dub-funk and cyberpunk/industrial elements serves us something we're not used to hearing, but desperately wish we could hear more of. From the glitches in the vocal production to the synths and waves, we're here for everything this song has to offer from start to finish, wanting to get wrapped up in the world KingZiLLa and Blake have created along with Variant's Ninjak.

You can listen to "CLOAK & DAGGER THE MASTER" on SoundCloud now!

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