KingZiLLa & Blake's "The Batman" film accompaniment "FUNNY!" is a hit

If you haven’t heard of The Batman yet, it’s safe to say you’re living under a rock. Producer, songwriter, vocalist and visionary KingZiLLa is back with a brand new track titled “FUNNY!” which is an industrial, dub-funk delight that independently accompanies the new film starring Robert Pattinson and Zoe Kravitz as our favorite comic book heroes/anti-heroes Batman and Catwoman.

“FUNNY!” is laced with moments of iconic and insane laughter we immediately recognize that bring characters like The Joker and even lately as per the new film, The Riddler to mind. It’s certainly the creative route KingZiLLa and Blake have taken that both surprises and ignites us, including the infamous loop of laughter that matches right on tempo and beat with the production embedded in the track.

We found the element to be quite special, playing on our own love for the Batman films and comics. Their ability to include the sound without muddying it keeps us from any possible doubt that may creep into our mind if KingZiLLa is capable, as he proves again and again that he is extremely capable and far beyond that. Between he and Blake, the smooth rapper╱singer╱songwriter we've come to know and love, “FUNNY!” the insanity laced track, is no exception.

The lyrics tout “Why aren’t you laughing?” and “Not mad in madness, but mad in craft” which hold us completely enthralled in the message that KingZiLLa has for us, creating a fun track that independently accompanies "The Batman" into his own masterpiece. We can feel the sanity slipping from our minds in the best way possible as the track progresses, the funky clips and glitches catching our attention as a guitar laden chorus brings us to the edge.

As always, KingZiLLa has done it again, and we can’t wait to hear what comes next.

You can listen to "FUNNY!" now on SoundCloud.

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