KingZiLLa is always on the top of his game within the music scene, and this album is no exception. "GORILLA FUNK AND ICE CREAM DON'T MIX" contains some of his best work to date, featuring various artists and sounds, yet still keeping true to his self-proclaimed dub-funk roots. We were fortunate enough to get a look into his point of view.

Hey there! Welcome to Enceladus Music. Let's hop right in. We know you've recently released another record in June 2021, what inspired this new work of art?

Well there's always 2 sides to living, the things that you see that are negative and the things that you see on a lighter side that are fun. I was inspired to just have fun with this record and work with some of who I feel are my favorite artist to work with.

It was amazing to work on this record because of the variety of artists and what they brought to the table absolutely just amazing. I'd do it again in a heartbeat for the DUB-FUNK sound.

Collaborating with artists from various walks of life is always interesting. What prompted you to reach out to other artists for the collaboration tracks?

When you create something your own style it's always cool to bring people in on what you have done and see what they're interpretation of it is. When you listen to Feel It with Rod Maurice on that track he brought in the reggae vibe to the DUB-FUNK sound very awesome, Blake on Theoretical Funkducer with Stephanie Selvin she's a badass with style and the lists go's on.

Traa Daniel's of P.O.D producer on this record with me as co-producer came out really well I really enjoyed the process of making it, will do something again like it in the future.

How long did it take you to write and create "GORILLA FUNK AND ICE CREAM DON'T MIX?" Does it usually take a certain amount of time for you?

I was in writing mode for what seemed like forever before I actually had song structure to present to anyone. I was dealing with some very unpleasant things at the time like the death of my grandson. I forced myself to get into a happy place this allowed me to have fun and to lay my burdens down.

In a bad situation there are still blessings going on around you, you just have to be able to tap into that and feel some kind of joy. To put it simply that's just what I did and it really helped me get out of a dark place I feel very grateful for being able to do it.

Do you think this record shows us a more personal side to KingZiLLa?

Yes absolutely with songs like 1000 Dreams with Sean DaDa is a direct reflection on what i went through in my early life. Helter Skelter featuring Blake is another personal reflection of events that happen in 2020 going forward that I felt a impact from.

Believe it or not the title track Gorilla Funk And Ice Cream Don't Mix is a true story as I went to the San Diego safari zoo where I learned the funk is real with the Silverback Gorilla maaaannnnn u ain't never smelled FUNK like that trust me.

What's your favorite track off of the record?

Land Of The Suckerpuss hands down the baddest track for me on the record. It's giving a big thank you to my big heroes Parliament-Funkadelic and Bootsy Collins. Traa Daniels and I had a great work out with this Hyper DUB-FUNK track.

What's one thing you wanted to achieve while writing "GORILLA FUNK AND ICE CREAM DON'T MIX?"

Have FUN! I did just that.

What can we expect from you next?

More music of course from all of my projects but Blake and I have already released a new track called State Of The Union on Soundcloud also at and will be on Spotify, Apple music within the next two weeks.

"GORILLA FUNK AND ICE CREAM DON'T MIX" is available on Bandcamp now!

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