KingZiLLa is back with a brand new hit

Dub-Funk King-KingZiLLa is back with an all new single "HYPE!" and we were honored to talk to him a little about the track and his own craft.

We can definitely tell that there's a deeper meaning behind "HYPE!". What inspired it, and what message are you trying to get across to your listeners?

The inspiration to writing HYPE! came from the feelings of what's going on around Blake & I. Life has changed around us in America don't know if it will ever be the same but one thing for sure LET FREEDOM RING IN THESE TIMES.

You and Blake seem to work together often! What is the usual creative process between the two of you for each song?

Typically it starts with the music I write it put it together then submit to him to see what ideas he has lyrically to put on it. Sometimes I will give him a theme because I have a vision of what the song should say but 80% of the time it is his thing to come up with those ideals. Working with him has been a great experience.

We really love the sound of "HYPE!". Were there any outside influences sonically?

Yes! Many influences of different styles of music coming into play to make this song. As you can hear there is dubstep, techno, drum and bass, alternative hip hop in the track. I love the track and I love the process of making it, it definitely is the most different track I have ever made introducing screamo and heavy metal styles of vocalization throughout the song was something different and special to do.

Did you learn anything about yourself during the creative process and production of "HYPE!"?

Yes I did I learn to not put myself into one small box of what i can do but put myself in a situation where you can achieve those things you thought you couldnt. The song was challenging to make having a thought process in the back of my mind ‘is this really going to work’ but when | heard the end result I Knew this was something I needed to push and backup completely.

Your sound is self described as "dub-funk." Do you plan to stay in this kind of genre, or will you venture into others?

I believe I could cover a lot of things within this style I call DUB-FUNK but you never know something completely new in different that cant be under this style may come about. Things are always in motion never staying still but continually moving forward.

What do you hope from 2021 musically?

Great creative energy from all creators going into 2021. Definitely more music from the independent artist we need a voice a platform to be heard are music is just as important as the majors. It's our time to be heard so with that being said here's to a great 2021.

You can listen to HYPE! on Spotify and more now!

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