KingZiLLa is back with a vengeance with "GORILLA FUNK AND ICE CREAM DON’T MIX" release

KingZiLLa is back with new record "GORILLA FUNK AND ICE CREAM DON’T MIX," leading us down the rabbit hole once more of the fantastical galactic head trip that he calls his craft. Upon listening, we can already tell this is some of his greatest music, working side by side on production with Traa Daniels (POD) and featuring many artists with various talents and backgrounds.

"GORILLA FUNK AND ICE CREAM DON’T MIX" starts us off on a sci-fi induced trip with “Ah Bio Funk Entity,” the voice of Stephanie Slevin broadcasting through the airwaves and into our ears as what feels like funky chaos sets the tone for the record as a whole. We’re gearing up for the ride through KingZiLLa’s universe locked and loaded as the song slides into the next track.

"Theoretical Funkducer" (the next track) brings Stephanie Slevin back, and invites Blake along for the ride that is "GORILLA FUNK AND ICE CREAM DON’T MIX." We can already see darker tendencies sonically in this album, with dark vibrating synths dancing nicely with the dub-funk that suits KingZiLLa so well. The various vocals throughout the track are laced perfectly in spacial harmony.

"Introduction To Ah Suckerpuss" is different from what we’ve seen before, allowing us to become a fly on the wall in what feels like a mystical wilderness in a land of calmer vibes for a conversation between KingZiLLa and little Boogie. The child asks for a story, and KingZiLLa certainly delivers through the next track.

"Land Of The Suckerpuss" starts off with another broadcast, making us feel as though we’re being sucked into a film. We’re reminded of The Beatles’ Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band era as KingZiLLa introduces and establishes the interesting new world he’s encouraging us to explore. The track turns into a funkadelic, dub-funk masterpiece as we’re spun into a new feeling, catching not only our ears, but our eyes as we imagine what this place may look like through his lyrical depiction.

Track five is the title track, "GORILLA FUNK AND ICE CREAM DON’T MIX," which brings a folklore kind of vision with a modern twist on locale and story, a weaving tale laced with comical elements around a campfire that we enjoyed quite well. We’re hanging on KingZiLLa’s every word as the album’s title track becomes more than just a name, but a tale for the ages- weaving together every track on the album perfectly as the concept unfolds before us.

"Cadillac Business" envelops us with vocals from not only KingZiLLa his collaboratives as well. The authenticity of the creators conversation sucks you into the moment, and the music makes us want to groove from start to finish with a lighthearted melody. The lyrical flow works in harmony with the honey-like vocals in the chorus, and the track itself just clicks well in every way it attempts to. We loved to hear the empowerment in the lyrics, which are swiftly executed.

The records seventh song "Feel It" adds a new reggae element to the record that we weren’t expecting but were so happy to experience in such a unique way. KingZiLLa wows us with his ability to add another genre into the mix and still manage to mesh everything together wonderfully. As always, the vocals are smooth and run in a way that feels like velvet, talent becoming of the entire record. The chorus is catchy and the itself song is another dub-funk, electronic head trip that KingZiLLa is so great at conveying.

"Helter Skelter" comes in heavy, the hip-hop elements bringing us back down to the darker sound that we were hearing before, but still welcome to our ears. The sounds are near menacing, capturing a feeling, the sensation of the subject matter. Still, the music is ear catching and powerful, the lyrics speaking truth into Hollywood culture throughout the years, as well as speaking of everything we've encountered in the year 2020 alone. The breakdown loses you in the song in the best way, getting wrapped up in the world KingZiLLa is placing before us.

1000 Dreams features Sean DADA, a smooth rapper that could be placed in the same realm as the likes of Kanye West in talent. The track places more emphasis personal issues as well, bringing it all together in a deeper set track. While KingZiLLa is great for bringing the funk and the happy, we love the varying difference of this track, giving testimonial to very a relatable situation between the creators, and bringing it out not only lyrically but sonically as well. Guitar elements that are laced throughout the song are also a welcome additive.

"KingZiLLa," the title of track 10 and the artist’s namesake begins like a King Kong movie before floating into a wild beat that we found unique and compelling. Artist Swish’s vocals lead throughout the track, announcing KingZiLLa like the music tycoon he is, making us feel as though the song is an embodiment of the man himself.

"Motivate" featuring artist and producer Bboywicket hits right out of the gate with a funky guitar line that makes us move along with the track the entire time. The slick rap and that flows over the instrumental oozes talent beyond words. The fast pace of the song does just as the title suggests and motivates, keeping the listener on their toes and truly listening to what's being said. The track twists into something more spacial and near ethereal as it draws to a close. With an old school feel meeting new school tactics and talent, we’re thoroughly impressed and loving "Motivate."

The final track on "GORILLA FUNK AND ICE CREAM DON’T MIX" is "U Ain’t Gotta Go Home," which brings us to a more personal close, giving us some insight into KingZiLLa and his collaboratives, connecting with the listener through humor as they chant the title.

Over all, the production value is phenomenal, every element and instrument ebbing and flowing within each other for the greater good of each track with ease. We can see the growth and progress KingZiLLA has made with each release. We thoroughly believe GORILLA FUNK AND ICE CREAM DON’T MIX is his best work to date and are champing at the bit to see what comes next!

You can listen to "GORILLA FUNK AND ICE CREAM DON’T MIX" on Bandcamp now!

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