KingZiLLa talks about "THE PROGRAM"

KingZiLLa and Blake have recently released their much anticipated intergalactic work of art "THE PROGRAM" and we here at Enceladus Music jumped on the chance to interview the mastermind behind the masterpiece.

Hi there! Thank you for allowing us to speak with you about this wonderful record! First and foremost, what was the inspiration behind "The Program" in its entirety?

Basically the events that had happened from 2019 leading up to now. We have seen so much an experienced so much during this short period of time that it felt like a paradigm shift. We saw cases of depression rise we saw many people die we saw a person executed on TV.

Blake and I felt very strongly about writing about it putting things into words, sound and emotions.

Every artist is different in their creative process. Where did you draw elements of each song from, sonically or lyrically?

Each song comes from the feelings that we felt from what we had experienced like haterd, anger, compassion, depression in finally rediscovering the power of love. Sonically the DUB-FUNK sound is constantly evolving and changing I love the basis of what we do being funk but mixing in elements from electronic styles of music makes what you hear on the record.

We know you always have a message to spread. Was there a specific message you intended to get across with each track?

Yes we have to get past the things that divide us. We as a nation can be bigger then what we see, we also have to get pass the propaganda that is pushed on us through news media. Let your faith be bigger than your fears if you could get that into your new mindset you walk out of your house beginning a new you.

So much to still be thankful for and love is a big part of the equation thus we end the record with the song Light To Love it's a beautiful thing.

We also know you produced the entire record yourself. What was your favorite part of creating "The Program"?

I guess my favorite part of creating this record with Blake an the rest of my production team which includes Rod Maurice, Traa Daniel's and Bboywicket was doing something different sonically as well the songs have a maturity that hasn't been heard by us up until now.

We know each song holds a special place in an artist's heart. If you had to choose, which track is your favorite? Why?

Actually there are 2 because I couldn't just pick one but those tracks are HYPE! and Light To Love. I really got into recording the song HYPE! Cause it's like nothing we had done before, the anger that I felt delivering lyrically I feel came from a true place within myself.

Light To Love gives me great memories of working with Jim Buck guitarist in the studio. He played guitar and banjo on the track lending itself to a country vibe in the DUB-FUNK sound so it is a very unique track and the guitar solo he did at the end of the song took me to another place a awesome feeling!

Did you face any challenges or roadblocks when it came to creating this record?

Big time there were so many setbacks to creating this record we had songs we had created that when we listen to them we felt did not fit the record in the message we want to get across. Many tunes didn't make this outing this time. We also went through a mastering place where money was spent and at the end of the process did not like what we heard so we started back from the drawing board with mastering the record.

We wanted a certain rawness to the sound we didn't want this to sound polished, one of the promotion companies we went through we had a problem with this kind of thing they wanted us to sound polished but it couldn't be that. You see when you go through difficult times it is not shining like a beautiful polished diamond, difficulties is like a diamond that's in the rough it's still a diamond but it's not polished it's edgy and that's what we needed sonically from this record. At the end of all things we got what we really wanted and are proud and stand by what we have done.

What inspires you to create the kind of music you do? How would you describe dub-funk to someone who has no idea about the genre?

Just living experiencing life is the biggest inspiration towards why I do what I do in my studio. Creating music = living life for me it's a beautiful thing! Expresly when you are able to create your own thing I have created what I feel is a new sound I call it DUB-FUNK. I would say for someone that doesn't know anything about this the root of the music is funk mixed with various forms of electronic music and any other kind of music that fits the vibe of what we're trying to do.

We love what you've done and can't wait to hear more! What can we expect from you next?

Well right now I am remixing Galactic Funk 30/30 record which we are introducing 3 new songs on it for a special edition release. Also working on completing the 2nd MANIC SOUND EXPULSION record as well as a new project Galatic Kannibals which the 1st song will be on a new KingZiLLa featuring Blake record all within this year so stay tuned and


"THE PROGRAM" is available on BandCamp now!

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