KingZiLLa talks "FUNNY!"

KingZiLLa and Blake have released a new song titled "FUNNY!" on SoundCloud and other streaming platforms, and it's a sonic head trip to listen to! Learn the motivation and inspiration behind the track, and how it coincided with the new film The Batman, in theaters now.

What motivated you to write a song for the new film "The Batman"?

That happened by coincidence Blake and I had been in the studio writing the song and this is what he came up with, it just happened that the Batman movie was scheduled to come out and what was written coincide with the film it's quite amazing actually how that happened.

What was the inspiration behind "FUNNY!"? Was there a particular Batman character in mind?

Not on my part and not even on Blake's part when he came to me with the lyrics for funny he said man this is some real psycho stuff you're gonna dig it so when I heard him lay down the course I immediately thought The Joker & The Riddler but didn't think about how later it would relate to the Batman movie.

How did you come up with the idea to include the laughter in the track?

That was all Blake's idea he has a very unique way of writing he's very lyrical a storyteller which is something that is missing in a lot of today's hip hop and alternative hip hop. He is that diamond in the rough within the DUB-FUNK sound no matter what I throw at him he comes back ready to light my a** up! It's awesome to work with people like that to challenge you in a good way to bring out the best in the creative process.

Was this creative process or track in particular different from any of your other tracks? How?

We have been experimenting with bringing a different kind of heavy to the DUB-FUNK sound it's been a blast exploring those ideas. So when going in to create this particular track heavy electronic sounds mixed in with acoustic drum sound and electronic is what brought it together. I think you will hear more of this kind of thing come from us as it is a great way for us to express some of the things that we are feeling while keeping a very soundtrack theme going.

What do you hope your fans will think when they hear "FUNNY!"?

That they feel inspired in some kind of way from the energy in the track. We put a lot of energy into the song we hope they feel that in there ear hole feel charged up.

Did you pull from any artistic influences from any other artists or projects for this song?

No I truly was living out the soundscapes in my own head with this track. I was just living in the moment enjoying the process.

What's next for KingZiLLa?

On the 23rd of this month we have a song that you reviewed for us earlier called INTO THE VOID in a movie called LOST VEGAS. That's going to be premiere night so Blake and i are really looking forward to it. We greatly appreciate Grand Concourse films and director Bowfinger for picking are song to be in there movie. So with that said just look out for more exciting content that we have planned to release.


You can listen to "FUNNY!" on SoundCloud now!

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