KingZiLLa talks "JUPITER BLUE"

Quite possibly one of our favorite songs by KingZiLLa, Blake and Lady Sadie, we were over the moon to talk everything "JUPITER BLUE."

Hi there! Welcome back to Enceladus Music, it's always a pleasure to have you! We’ve noticed recently that the space theme is recurring in your music! Why is this?

Yes the final frontier!! I have always been from a child fascinated with space, time travel things of that nature I guess you could say it's a part of my DNA.

What was the reason behind paying tribute to the greats in "JUPITER BLUE?"

Whenever you look back into your life you will find that there were artists who were a part of the soundtrack to your life, so giving tribute to these people just seemed like a cool thing to do.

Your ideas are always so unique, where do you pull the inspiration from?

Electronic sounds are very inspiring to me the scene that is going on around electronic music is just incredible it's a great frontier to explore.

Was creating this track any easier or more difficult than previous tracks?

This actually was one of the more easier tracks to put together things just flowed really well with it I believe Blake feels the same way as well as Lady Sadie.

How did your collaboration with Lady Sadie from MANIC SOUND EXPULSION come about?

Lady Sadie is part of the DUB-FUNK family she is the lead singer and front person of MANIC SOUND EXPULSION which I am a part of as well. We also own a company together called ACTIVE MUSIC GROUP which there are a lot of things going on in the background with music production mixed in with film companies and such.

What do you hope your listeners take from this track?

I would say just to enjoy what they are hearing and BLAST THE DUB-FUNK OUT YO SPEAKERS!!

You can listen to "JUPITER BLUE" on Bandcamp now!

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