KingZiLLa talks new comic book hero theme song

KingZiLLa has released a track titled "CLOAK & DAGGER THE MASTER" for Valiant Comic's character Ninjak. Here's what he had to say about it!

We know you have another song titled "CLOAK & DAGGER," does that song have anything to do with "CLOAK & DAGGER THE MASTER"?

No totally different, we were given permission to use Ninjak's name in the song but decided not to use it, the story we began to tell used elements about him but new things as well creating something new.

We love that you were approached to write this song for Valiant Comics' character "Ninjak." How did Variant Comics come to find you?

I've had a long time working relationship with bass player Jason Underwood who introduced me to the artist designing the sculpture for this collectible item. Ideas went back-and-forth for quite some time until we had the completion of what you hear now although there is a different version that will be with the sculpture.

Was there a main storyline or thought you wanted to convey through this song?

Yes we developed a story around who we are calling Cloak & Dagger and the 5 assassins the Jakel in there disenchantment with MI6 which is being told through the song. The story became such an endeavor that the series of songs that we have been putting out are all part of the record the Jakel the soundtrack.

How did you come up with the music side of "CLOAK & DAGGER THE MASTER? Was the instrumental something you immediately thought of for this kind of song?"

I would say yes there is a certain sound to it that I felt immediately attached itself to this project. I hope we get to do more of this kind of thing it was fun for Blake and i.

How was creating this song different from any other song?

Well it's always about experimenting with different sounds melodies and beats for me. That always makes a difference between the different songs you hear that we produce but overall it was such a fun experience that I didn't really take notice of the bigger differences this time.

Are you planning on creating any more music for any other characters on your own time?

Yes writing a story that could turn into a series for a Netflix kind of thing or a movie it's pretty cool.

What else do you have up your sleeve for us in the future?

Next month March 4th is the release of the new Batman film Blake and i independently are releasing a song in celebration of the film called FUNNY it's a wild ride so make sure you get ready to


You can listen to "CLOAK & DAGGER THE MASTER" on SoundCloud now!

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