KiTTN gears up to release self-titled single on November 23rd

Ready for another round of gracing our eardrums with a hot track, Big Apple based KiTTN comes back around and even stronger with her self-titled single “KITTN” releasing November 23, 2020 that’s sure to keep you on your toes and moving along with the low bass beat that grips the production with a powerful rhythm.

The single comes out hot right from the start, slightly reminiscent to an old school diss-track but to no individual in particular-- Instead, she boldly calls out anyone who could be classified as taking the easy way up, the ever-prevalent hater, or who lacks the proper gumption in their own craft.

The blasé and unsympathetic nature of KiTTN’s crisp flowing rap tells us and the listener that she’s got no time for anyone’s games. She’s got a solid foundation, all the talent and then some, and she’s here to win and take it all on her steady rise to the top, no matter what.

Dropping lyrical gems like “They call me KITTN, I am what you’re missin’” and “you are clinically forgettable,” anyone can easily hop on the fan train, wanting to learn every line as it comes through the speakers. An ode to her songwriting skills, KiTTN penned the entire track in just under thirty minutes, leaving us speechless and in awe.

KiTTN and her new track are truly clinically memorable, and with melodies that’ll stick in your head like the best kind of glue, you’ll be singing “What’s my name? That’s KiTTN!” all day.

You can listen to “KiTTN” on November 23rd on Spotify! And then stay tuned for her next release, an epic dance video featuring Afro Dance sisters JammersGH.

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