KiTTN wows with latest single “I Know You So Well”

A native to Chicago and based in fabulous New York City- rapper, singer and songwriter KiTTN wows us with her latest single “I Know You So Well.”

From start to finish, “I Know You So Well” encourages the listener's relaxed side to make itself known, showcasing a smooth rap-ballad-esque hip-hop production that could get anyone who may hear it moving to the beat. The track itself is reminiscent of the greats we all know and love, but with KiTTN’s own personal style and spin weaving through every chord.

Both the lyricism and wordplay are clever and brutally truthful, telling a story of lies and deceit in a relationship gone sour in a way that can be appreciated by many. Despite the title of the track possibly leading the listener into thinking the song will ooze romance and soft emotions, a feeling of empowerment seems to overcome us instead.

The verses that keep us bobbing our heads are strong but vulnerable, KiTTN’s flow keeping to the tempo like clockwork. When the chorus hits, the listener feels it in their core with the title of the track sticking to our ears in an irresistible melody that can’t be ignored.

KiTTN opens her heart, and in turn the listeners heart, to accept the challenge of dishonesty in a relationship that was supposed to last forever along with opening our eyes to the fact that not every person we feel that way with is meant for us. We admire her pure visibility and cool and collected front, giving us an air of aloofness to such a situation that proves "we ain’t catching hurt feelings, plenty of fish and they all need eating"- just as she assures herself.

We’re in love with KiTTN’s new track, and she can help us get us through a break up any day!

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