M.S.E returns with "B.F.E."

We were beyond excited when we heard MANIC SOUND EXPULSION was back with a brand new track, released independently for the film Godzilla vs. Kong. Getting to talk with them about their new song "B.F.E." was a treat!

What inspired you guys to write a song independently about the new Godzilla vs. Kong film?

Back in 2014, I was inspired to begin the process of writing a Godzilla soundtrack song. I had sat on this for many years and finally decided to finish it when Mz Sadie became part of the band and partnered to create a recording label. This was especially exciting since I have always been a big fan of Godzilla movies as well as the original King Kong movie so that's where the inspiration really came from. It’s motivating to be a fan of those kind of movies. Releasing this song independently from being on a major label or the backing from the movie house itself is cool and we're just showing some love towards these characters and it was fun for MzSadie to deliver.

We know M.S.E loves to experiment and is all about good vibes. Do you often write cinematic pieces with movies to pull inspiration from?

Experimentation is a beautiful thing when it comes to producing music. I love cinematic sound scores. Nothing draws bigger into the emotions of a person then when you are watching that one scene and the music pulls you in and makes you feel it. Watching movies and experiencing the sound scores has always been a great inspiration to me, just awesome!

How did you begin this track sonically? Was there a certain sound you were after or that you wanted to bring to the table?

This track started many years ago as a radio jingle, believe it or not. Then when that opportunity did not work out I realize that the piano sound that I had formed was kind of dark sounding and really wasn't the right thing for that jingle. I hung on to it and started developing a beat in many other sounds that you hear in it which then became what you hear now Battle For Earth. As far as a certain sound to bring to the table I guess you could say the sounds used was the beginning of what I'd now call DUB-FUNK. A new genre we created which is a mixture of drum, bass, dubstep and electronic music. Then mixed in with a funky sound.

We all know acronyms can mean a million different things. What does "B.F.E." mean to you? What do you hope the listener takes from it?

B.F.E stands for Battle For Earth and even though this name title is referring to the 2 titans fighting each other along with humanity in the movie it has even greater meaning outside of the film. Humanity is in a struggle on this planet; it is a battle within itself for those who want to have absolute power over the masses. Freedom comes at a cost so as we have seen in history the battle rages on. We hope the listener enjoys what they are hearing and realize that so much more can be done when we decide to cooperate.

If you guys could choose any movie to write a song for, what would it be?

That's a very good question. At this point I would have to say the new Batman movie that's coming out soon.

What’s next from M.S.E.?

We have released our newest song B.F.E. 3/27/21 and we have also released 2 songs from our upcoming new record: 3 NEW SONGZ 3 NEW KEYZ OF NOYZ, songs CHANCE! and Turn It Up were released in January and February. The structure of the whole record is laid out; we just have to complete additional lyrics and get them into post production. There will be a lot of songs that are taking us into a new direction within the DUB-FUNK sound. We are very excited about this new record.

You can listen to "B.F.E." on Spotify now!