MANIC SOUND EXPULSION independently releases "B.F.E." for Godzilla vs Kong film

MANIC SOUND EXPULSION, where KingZiLLa and Mz Sadie shine together, is back with "B.F.E.", an independently released companion track to the new film Godzilla vs. Kong, with one of its lead characters a partial namesake to KingZiLLa. The film hit theaters March 25th, 2021.

Never disappointing and always bringing it in hot, an electric current leads up to a wonderfully menacing beat, drums pounding in our ears right from the start with an intense build up that sends a chill down your spine. There’s no denying that the track and the film go hand in hand as we press play and let the music take us back into the atmosphere that MANIC SOUND EXPULSION has so effortlessly created for us all to get lost in.

Offering a glimpse into what’s in the minutes to come and giving a nod to the nature of the track, we hear Mz Sadie speaking to us through the airwaves by way of a news broadcaster role, hauntingly telling the public to brace ourselves for an epic battle of the titans. The entirety of B.F.E. is cinematic, wrapping us up in the feeling of being amidst a great clash and giving us the visual of Godzilla vs. Kong with an electronic and galactic twist.

The instrumental almost rings like a siren warning the listener of the trouble brewing, and the lyrics “B.F.E." an acronym for "Battle For Earth" are touted throughout the track. The dub-funk genre that M.S.E. has perfected so well is prevalent, immediately spinning into a funky beat that still makes you want to move your hips and grab the music by the horns. The song goes beyond just the battle of two monsters, however, tapping into the struggle humanity faces within itself-- the battle for power between people.

We also catch sonic elements that bring us right back around to the legendary movies themselves, throwing us into the world where Godzilla and King Kong run rampant. Every piece of the track is artistic, the expression being MANIC SOUND EXPULSION’s take on the film and the world as we know it today. Our favorite part is the drum solo that kicks over the track in a larger than life way, seeming to represent the climax of the battle for victory.

Who wins? You be the judge.

We’re loving "B.F.E." and loving to see the cinematic side of MANIC SOUND EXPULSION. We can’t wait to see what they come up with next!

You can listen to "B.F.E" on Spotify now!