MANIC SOUND EXPULSION is ready to “Turn It Up” with their latest dance hit

No stranger to experimental music or positive messages, MANIC SOUND EXPULSION is back with a brand new smash hit that makes you want to escape this planet, move your feet and shake your tail feathers.

The track sucks us in right from the beginning, starting with a countdown from KingZiLLa and jumping right into the drum beat and coined dub-funk groove with MzSadie lending her sensual vocal onto the track about dropping it low and turning loose; something we think is especially needed in this day and age!

We’re suddenly transported to a retro discotheque in space with a new age feel, already flowing with the motion of the track as its pushed forward with a careless, fun energy. We can see the lights flashing and the disco ball mirrors reflecting under them in our minds eye. Sonically, we’re transported out of the times we’re in and getting lost between the funky bass and banging drums, MANIC SOUND EXPULSION being the sherpas who lead us on our musical journey.

The lyrics are lighthearted and pleasurable, leaving no room for error in understanding exactly what MANIC SOUND EXPULSION is talking about as “Turn It Up’s” chorus kicks in, letting us hear the more melodic timbre that MzSadie has to offer, being laced with KingZiLLa’s vocal throughout the song. We already love them both, and together, they make a dream team for a musical treat that anyone can enjoy.

The modern sensation the single exhibits allows us to explore a robotic new atmosphere in a world where things have been far too tense for far too long, letting us “turn loose” and “drop it low” right along with them. The future of music is nigh, and M.S.E. is here to help usher it in with every note and line.

You can listen to “Turn It Up” on Spotify now!