MANIC SOUND EXPULSION want you to take a "CHANCE!" on life

KingZiLLa and Mz Sadie are back with brand new single "CHANCE!" that rocks our ears and moves our feet.

The production starts out hard and fast with a drum beat groove, already moving the track forward in the best way possible. KingZiLLa’s vocals are heard first, and when Mz Sadie enters the musical atmosphere that’s been created, a slow down occurs with a sultry register and a catchy bass. Her vocals move between singing and rapping, just as KingZiLLa’s vocals shift sonically throughout the track. We can’t get enough of either of them!

"CHANCE!"’s message assures us that we should take a chance on life and all it has to offer. That change is always just around the corner and we should embrace it with open arms.

Taking chances in life is what makes life sweet and worthwhile. MANIC SOUND EXPULSION wants their audience to take a “CHANCE!” and shed any fear or doubt the listener may have to reach for their dreams. You never know what could happen if you simply try!

The sound pushes the listener into a trance, anthem-like in nature as it moves along, making anyone feel like they’re on top of the world as they get lost the ether the track exudes. “CHANCE!” ties in nicely with that of MANIC SOUND EXPULSION’s other projects, the self proclaimed dub-funk genre shining through with each and every second.

We love the uplifting message and bangin' sound that M.S.E. consistently brings to the table, and we can’t wait to see what they do next!

You can listen to “CHANCE!” on Spotify now!