MANIC SOUND EXPULSION wants you to shine bright with a powerful, positive message

MANIC SOUND EXPULSION, made up of Mz Sadie and KingZiLLa, has truly brought a new genre of music to light with their track “Shine Your Light.”

“Shine Your Light” takes us in and out of what feels like another realm as a dubstep meets trap reminiscent beat pulls us in directions we’d love to follow. From the moving sensation electronic music brings, to the strong dubstep and hip-hop vibes, we were sucked in from start to finish.

The sound is both pleasing and intriguing to the ear, and once the lyrical message begins, encouraging the listener with lines such as “love life, shine bright,” and “love wins,” you realize just how powerful the song truly is.

Songs of encouragement and empowerment for individuals of all walks of life are hard to come by, and the uplifting message the duo brings to the table is undeniable. M.S.E. is confident that this is something they pride themselves in with their project, wanting to uplift their fans, especially in times like these.

The vocal collaboration between Mz Sadie’s sweet rapping register and KingZiLLa’s smooth tone keeps you fascinated and listening intently to everything they have to say, each line ebbing and flowing with the booming production as effortlessly as water.

M.S.E. ends “Shine Your Light” with an endearing conversation between the duo— KingZiLLa asking what to say to someone who essentially puts you down. Mz Sadie replies confidently, explaining that you should always follow your dreams, which is something we, and we know many others can get down with!

You can listen to "Shine Your Light" on Spotify now!