Meet Aimee Saturne

Aimee Saturne, The Dark Pop Princess, has just released her spotlight single "Silver Screen Lover" and we were lucky enough to sit down and talk to her about it, and some other little things along the way.

Hi Aimee, thanks for talking to us today! First things first, how did you come up with the concept for "Silver Screen Lover"?

The song actually began as a poem I wrote about an experience that has been set deeply into my heart, something I still live all the time. It's part of a story---- really the first chapter of my story, and what drives me. When I sent the poem to my producer, he immediately vibed off of it and started with a melody. We both got so excited, we turned it into a song almost immediately after!

"Dark Pop Princess" is quite the title. We're curious, how did that come to be?

It was bestowed upon me once I showed a few people my music for the first time. It’s definitely a title I wear proudly, and one that I love and think describes my presence in music well. I hope to take it as far as I can. Dark pop is very much my genre and just because of who I am, darkness will always remain an element in my music.

Well, "Silver Screen Lover" is intriguing both sonically and lyrically, lending itself to many ideas of what the song could be about. What or who is it really about?

It can be interpreted any way anyone wants to view it---- that's the beauty of music and being able to connect through music. It's centered around an untouchable aura that has become very, very touchable. But, for me, it's about my silver screen lover, of course... The lyrics are suggestive, but there's a deeper meaning laced within it all, from music to lyrics.

We love your crypticness. "Silver Screen Lover" seems to be a major highlight of your discography already. Why’s that?

The song truly came from the depths of my heart. I feel things very deeply, as most artists do, and I find romanticism everywhere. I feel as though I’m constantly falling in love. It was a poem that I wrote as my heart physically ached, and the musical version turned out to be the quintessential 'Aimee Saturne' sound and feeling. It’s my favorite track so far out of everything I’ve recorded, and I’m very excited to finally have it out into the world. It’s only the beginning of the “Silver Screen Lover” conglomerate I have planned.

Tell us more about that. Are you into other mediums of art?

Of course! I love acting, writing, painting, dancing. I dabble in photography and videography for fun. I’m all around interested in the arts, they’ve been my passion for as long as I can remember. But "Silver Screen Lover" in particular is coming as a package. Lots of fun things coming that are attached to the release, in different mediums than just music, in due time.

That sounds exciting and we can't wait! What can your fans expect from you this year?

Definitely more music as well as other little projects I've been working on! I’ve also started co-hosting a couple of podcasts which I'm excited about. Planet Saturne is ever-expanding, so we'll see.

You can listen to "Silver Screen Lover" on Spotify and more now!

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