Meet Janockeil

Janockeil has recently released his latest and self-proclaimed best music to date, his highly anticipated EP "Feeling." We're completely honored (and excited!) to interview him and ask all about the work of art and who he is as an artist.

Hi Janockeil! Welcome to Enceladus Music LA, we're over the moon to have you! So, we have to ask: Where did you draw inspiration from for your EP "Feeling" as a whole? What message did you intend to get across with each song?

First, I want to thank you for this opportunity. I am so grateful to you guys for having me. As we all know, 2020 has been a year of lesser ups and many downs for all of us and I don't think that is an understatement. One of the main sources of any happiness I felt during quarantine was music. I had started this project with an entirely different mindset and idea, but once the pandemic hit, my mindset and idea started to change. 2020 has taught me to truly appreciate each moment and to not waste my gift, so the moment I started writing for this project, I wanted to make sure I put out the best music I could possibly put out. Each song has a different vibe to them and I wanted to showcase different musical sides to me, but making sure the cohesiveness is there at the same time. I am so happy that this project came out the way that it did. As a whole, I truly feel some of my best work to date is in this project, vocally, musically, and lyrically.

The production of the entire EP is very smooth and polished. What was your favorite part of creating this work of art?

That is exactly what I was going for. For me, it had to be as polish as I could make it. I always want to make sure that each project I put out that it's better than the last. It's important to me. I always want to grow and be better with my art. My favorite part of creating this project was the writing. My creativity completely took over in a way it hadn't before. I truly surprised myself at how these songs turned out and I couldn't wait to get them out of my body once I got to the studio.

We know each song holds a special place in an artist's heart. If you had to choose, which track is your favorite? Why?

It would definitely be "Love Me Like You Love Me". It was the last song I wrote for the project, and the lyrics came so quickly for me. It truly speaks to who I am, about my yearning for love and my need to be loved so badly. I'm really giving a huge piece of myself with that song, hopefully it will resonate with others.

Were there any outside influences sonically or lyrically that you pulled from for "Feeling?"

There were a couple of artists that I related to that inspired me for this project. Kaytranada is one of those artists. I was just inspired to not stick to one specific genre and just do what I loved to do musically, no matter what type of music. I am lover of all things musically so why not show that to people, rather than stick to one genre. It's who I am.

Did you face any challenges or roadblocks when it came to creating this EP?

The pandemic certainly changed the way that we travel now, so it was a bit of a challenge traveling to the studio safely. I gave myself a 6-8 week window to record this project, so I made sure everything was written and completed in the time I gave myself. Even with the music video for "Feeling", it was a bit of a challenge so we had to take the proper precautions and make sure everyone involved was safe, so I'm really grateful that everything turned out fine.

What inspires you to create the kind of music you do? How would you describe it?

I'm mostly inspired by melody. Melody drives everything when I write. I've always loved catchy melodies because they stick to your brain quicker and people remember that one line or two forever, so I always try to strive for that. One of the reasons why we love 90s music so much is because the music then was just straight melodic songs that stand the test of time, so I try to capture that in my music but keep it current and relatable at the same time.

We're already bubbling to hear more! What can we expect from you next?

Well, I'm a featured artist on Luke Bentlay's new song, "Everything...", which is a fun dance pop song and was so much fun to be apart of. I am in the midst of working on a new visual for one of the songs on Feeling EP, so be on the lookout for that! I was also recently featured on Tank's new mixtape, Power Presented by Tank, which I'm super excited about and I'm so humbled by it. To have an artist like Tank even listen to my work is just crazy and is something that up and coming artists like myself dream of, to be recognized. This means that I am moving in the right direction, so I'm even more inspired and motivated to keep going. I am ready and open for more of God's blessings to come my way.

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