Meet KingZiLLa

KingZiLLa, a Nevada based producer and artist spoke to us a little about his release "Two Tribes," and here's what he had to say!

Hi KingZiLLa, welcome to Enceladus Music LA! Your lyrics for "2 Tribes" have a very powerful message and tell a story that can relate to a lot going on in the world today. What inspired the song and what do you hope the listener takes from it?

The inspiration for this song came from rapper Blake who is the featured artist on it along with myself. With the tribal groove he dug deep to tell a story about what would have happened if colonization had lost its grip in the continent of Africa it is a fictional story that he is telling but it does raise the question where would we be today if this hadn't happened so that is where this song is coming from hope that the listener can feel and visualize that point of view.

The production of "2 Tribes" has a vibrant electronic sound. What made you choose to go in this direction for the track?

I am a drummer by nature I've played drums for a very long time and I really like playing electronic drums or what we call a hybrid drum set. That is a mixture of acoustic electronic drums so over many many years of experimenting with this type of thing I was finally able to compose songs completely off of my electronic drums and having a blast doing it. The evolution of my drumming and production has been leaning towards this for quite some time this is why I refer to this style of music as DUB-FUNK.

Sonically and lyrically, "2 Tribes" flows very well to the listeners ear. Was the creative process for this song challenging at all? Which element came to you first?

The music came 1st, there is actually a very interesting story about how it came about I had put this track originally together for a different rap artist who had a chance of using the track for Las Vegas Golden Knights team. So he told me what he wanted this big stadium kind of tribal beat and I said OK so when I got done with the track I presented it to him he said he wasn't feeling it at all so we went separate ways on it. Later when talking to my boy Blake I told him about this track I have "he said yo let me check it out" he heard it and instantly fell in love with it wrote to it and was ready to track the song less then a week later.

What kind of music did you listen to growing up? Has this inspired the style of music you create today?

Music styles that I came up on as a kid varies I was into music very early in my life so I came up listening to Sly and the Family Stone, Muddy Waters, The Who, The Beatles, James Brown. Then I would say when I was in 2nd or 3rd grade I heard the Ohio players for the 1st time a record called skin tight I begged my parents to buy me not the 45 but the whole album and that was the beginning of my DNA being knee deep in funk along with other groups special ingredients like Earth Wind & Fire, Parliament Funkadelic was the bomb! Then I had a mind blowing experience hearing Jimi Hendrix for the 1st time opened me up to all kinds of music the world was no longer just one dimensional it was multi on all levels.

Do you have any projects you’re currently working on? What’s next for you in music?

At this time I am working on 3 projects KingZiLLa feat. Blake of course but I also have MANIC SOUND EXPULSION which has a album out on all digital sites that you can check out as well a project that I am doing with Traa Daniel's of POD called Galactic Kannibals all 3 of these projects should have a first quarter release for 2021 but a new single for KingZiLLa feat. Blake called HYPE! is being released the 24th of this month which is a song coming off a new record titled THE PROGRAM.

If you could say anything to the people who look up to you, what would it be?

Stay focused be happy in pursuing your endeavors surround yourself with people who want to be about something special in life. Never give up keep putting forth the energy into those things that make you happy, happiness is the ultimate thang!

You can take a listen to "Two Tribes" on Spotify now!

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