We spoke to MANIC SOUND EXPULSION about their track "Shine Your Light" and got to know a little more about them in the process, too!

EM: Hi guys! Thanks for your time. We have to know- How did M.S.E. come to be?


We came together working on another project in my studio and when talking and chatting communicating with each other over social media I asked MzSadie if she would do me a favor? She said “Yes.”

I had these songs that I knew did not fit into my solo project KingZiLLa, I wanted to do something different so with that being said once we started working on one song it just led into another and next thing you know we are a band with a full first album which we released in May 2020.


Meeting Kevyn, the King Zilla through business and being able to be an addition in his love of music and creation; it truly is a gift to me and fulfills a small piece of me that dreamt this exact moment earlier in my life.

EM: “Shine Your Light” is a very lyrically uplifting song. How did you come across the concept for the track?


I had the music arrangement for this song for a while but had no idea what it would turn into at that moment, I remember writing the chorus, that's about the most I had. Once MzSadie had got ahold of it everything came together she wrote these beautiful words in the verses that's very uplifting and very cool.


Living life on your terms and writing about it to share with every person out there offers inspiration and motivation. Another level of development is that you wouldn’t expect me, a business person, CEO to ever stop and rap, lyrics to the world. I felt so compelled to meet the challenge.

EM: The track has a very distinct sound, is that something you were planning on during production? Or did it just happen to end up that way?

KingZiLLA: The big thing about making this track for me was I did have a concept which was what would The Beatles have sounded like in a trap song? I'm a Beatles fan have been since I was a little kid and the whole idea of being able to say that famous thing they did in a song yeah yeah yeah was one of the main aspirations to the structure. Of course, we don't sound like The Beatles but that magical thing that they do was an influence to how I wrote the music. For MzSadie, it's all about that positive thing in life.

EM: Would you say you can relate to “Shine Your Light” in your own personal lives?

KingZiLLa: Absolutely I can relate to the song in my own personal life. I've been through a lot of prosecution and just being hated on and through it all I have had to let that light shine. The world can be a pretty dangerous place but regardless of what those around you do in negativity you must let what is good in you overshadow what is bad that's what makes the human experience what it is.

MzSadie: Shine Your Light is a personal theme song and the lyrics have deep meaning for anyone trying to win at life and soar. Staying positive and motivated is hard but with discipline and an enduring spirit to lead and be a face of success through this medium, offers real life stories which are dreams fully met.

EM: Is positivity M.S.E’s main goal?

M.S.E.: For right now, Yes, we see this song as part of the Positivity in the Music community. As you look around and realize many people need to be uplifted in these times of need. Many people are suffering from depression and anxiety so having good positive reinforcement can really help those that are feeling

what is going on around us in our nation and the world. We offer our fans to connect with us on social media. All the links are on our website

EM: What else can we expect to see from MANIC SOUND EXPULSION in the future?

M.S.E.: Big things are coming for Manic Sound Expulsion. We just wrote a song for the new Godzilla movie that is being released in 2021. We also will be releasing in the 1st to 2nd quarter of 2021 our 2nd Album, which will be entitled 3 New Songs 3 New Keyz Of Noize. We are looking at releasing the 1st single from this album next month, December 2021. It's a crazy new direction for us, a song called Chance! We are DUB-FUNK!

You can listen to "Shine Your Light" on Spotify now!