No one does it like dark pop princess Aimee Saturne with "Like I Do"

"Ethereal" is the word we’d use to describe the way “Like I Do” by dark pop princess Aimee Saturne begins. We’re taken through the ethos with an ambiant sound drifting on an intertwining melody, a disembodied and distorted vocal chop slamming into a verse that only she can effortlessly place just as much lighthearted pop into as she does darkness.

We hear a different side of Aimee’s signature vocal, though it’s still sultry and soft as ever. The words she speaks roll off of her tongue as "Like I Do"s catchy and thought provoking lyrics wield the innermost thoughts of the songstress during what seems like a love lost, but the idea of it still toyed with. The pillowy gruffness and sexy vocal fry colors Saturne’s voice with a brand new paint as she embodies a beautiful carelessness that always makes us want to vie for the dark pop princess’s attention.

The bass is bumping the entire time, the production a radio hit before its even finished. A haunting siren sound behind the pre-chorus sucks us into the cosmos and spits us back into the world of Saturne with the intensity of anticipation of where "Like I Do" will take us next. Sonically the polished sound never wavers from the quintessential dark pop that the singer claims- and rightfully so, with each song she releases.

The choruses are ear and attention catching, switching from “She don’t know you like I do” to “He don’t know me like you do,” and we begin to feel like Aimee really is the eternal longing romantic. She brings out the feelings within us that we’ve pushed down and stifled, owning them and expressing them all for herself.

The bridge takes us to a cybernetic feeling, blips of music pulling us from side to side as we’re almost afraid of the ride we’ve been taken on is coming to an end. Aimee’s vocals are heard through the music like a beacon, the suggestive lyrics exciting us once more as the chorus seems even bigger than it had before.

We’re left speechless and longing for the otherworldly singers music as the song comes to a halt all at once, bringing us back to reality. Immediately, we’re rushing to the repeat button. To say we're impatiently waiting for what she has next for us is the understatement of the century.

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