Space Pop Princess Aimee Saturne spins us into the galaxy with “Edge of the World”

The dark pop princess Aimee Saturne is back with brand new single “Edge of the World,” making her debut as not only the dark pop legend she’s been becoming, but a space pop princess to boot. Following her career, we’ve been pleasantly surprised over and over again by the way the artist picks up elements of herself and laces them within the track, “Edge of the World” possibly being her best example of that to date.

Starting out with a whipping guitar line that fades in to start us off, Aimee’s voice immediately captures our attention, painting a spacial, sensual masterpiece that we know and love from her so well. The wordplay of the lyricism is sharp and angelic, the wit she harbors shining through like a shooting star dashing across our sonic sky. There’s a story to be told here, and we’re eager to hear more.

Elements of reverberation and deep etherealism bring us further into the mood she’s trying to create, truly making the listener feel as though they’re floating through time and space along with her as she explains her feelings, solidifying to us that nothing else in the universe matters than the music coursing through our ears.

The chorus is a powerhouse element of the track, driving the track forward and invoking a sensation of being on the rocket into space before Aimee Saturne catches you up in the starry atmosphere, with airy, fluid verses and the ever celestial bridge, holding you captive without you even knowing it- not that we’re complaining!

“Edge of the World” touts her vast ability to not only mix up her sound, but her stunning, silky vocals and wrap them up into anything she wants to create. The way she so effortlessly sings through the music fits so well with every piece that makes up the track, her vocals and sound like nothing we’ve heard before. The juxtaposition of the darkness come to cosmic light but still remaining a part of her is something we enjoy quite a bit.

We feel “Edge of the World” is our favorite song of hers to date, and we can’t wait to see what’s next on Aimee Saturne’s list for us!

You can listen to "Edge of the World" on all streaming platforms now!

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