There's a good "OMEN" on the horizon

KingZiLLa is back with new song “OMEN,” a dub-funk instrumental journey that we have been lucky enough to embark on.

“OMEN” contains elements of electronic, industrial, and even laces a little pop in between all of the funk. The disembodied voice that hangs in the atmosphere says things like “we need help,” and “please help us,” truly evoking the eerie sensation that the title suggests. However, the song itself is far from creepy, making you want to move along with the driven beat.

There are hints of higher notes laced within the darkness, offering a vibe that continues to keep you in the groove. It’s almost ritualistic in nature, pulling you into the turbulence of the world today, and spitting you back out with a need to dance. The expressionism of “OMEN” is a mixed bag of different contents, and we’re here for every one of them.

If KingZiLLa is good at anything, it's portraying an emotion and a message through the music he creates. As an artist, the music one creates is their lifeblood, their ultimate gift to all ears who fall upon it. KingZiLLA keeps true to himself and his artistry via every song he releases.

KingZiLLa himself has this to say about "OMEN."

“Once again exploring expression through instrumentals, just feeling some of the vibes going on around me helped with developing this track. What a coincidence with world affairs as they are that the song fit that mood a deep mood I was feeling when creating it. I played a drum solo in the middle of this song that allowed me to express a feeling of turbulence or dysfunction within the simplicity of other things going on it's definitely one of my my favorite things we have created thus far. BLAST THE DUB-FUNK OUT YO SPEAKERS!”

You can listen to “OMEN” on SoundCloud now.

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