We want to fall into SUBURBS gravity with “Next To Me”

Hailing from Southern Ontario, SUBURBS is an independent-pop trio that got their roots via a simple beat on a rainy evening in the summer of 2019— and they haven’t looked back since.

Describing themselves as not a place, but an idea, something that lives in both the ideal and the outskirts of a dream. A collective of thought. A community with no boundaries, bringing people together through artistic expression— their music gives us just those kinds of vibes as we take on their latest single “Next To Me.”

From the very first second we press play, "Next To Me" casts an ethereal glow, morphing into something more than just your average pop song. The indie pop-trio meshes their sound together well within a dream pop realm, the beautiful synth and groove complimenting each other in a way some could only imagine executing as it moves the track along at a lucid pace.

Perhaps our interest is piqued the most by the voice to the music, as the perfectly rich and controlled vocals slide onto the scene. We can't help but want to engulf ourselves in the smooth and sultry register that melodically sweetens our ears and holds them captive for the remainder of the beautifully hazy track.

Thoroughly amazed at the talent behind the magic we hear, we’re also impressed by the bands ability to not only record, but produce and write on their own at a level that could rival any pop band or artist with a full team today. The radio-ready production of "Next To Me" is floaty and catchy, making you not only want to sing along, but move along. We immediately deem it an automatic hit as it laces the airwaves and sticks in our minds.

We also notice very quickly that SUBURBS knows exactly what they’re doing when it comes to intertwining the audio with the visual. The lyricism is idyllic, painting an entire scene behind our eyelids rather than simply telling a story. With lines like “I wanna fall in your gravity, lose all control like it's destiny, nowhere to hold as I'm falling free,” you can feel the emotion they’re trying to convey as though it’s your own, seeing yourself falling through the complexity of the universe in ones idea of love.

Music is often meant to stir up a thousand feelings, not only within the artist but the listener, and SUBURBS lacks no ounce of talent or knowledge when it comes to getting not only a message across, but an entire vibe and sound.

We’re more than excited to hear what SUBURBS has next for us, and we're keeping them on our radar!

You can listen to “Next To Me” on Spotify now!